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Valentine Mixed Planter Garden with Succulents

Plants for Delivery

Flower Fiesta full service florist delivers unique green, blooming and exotic orchid plants daily throughout lovely Sacramento, California & parts of Placer & El Dorado Counties. Rely on us to create the perfect balance of plant texture, color and care combinations.

Let Flower Fiesta owner, Geri Ann Alviso be your botanical guru. When you're ready for fresh color and an easy to maintain, long lasting potted collection for your home or garden, let her horticultural knowledge make a smart recommendation.

We use only the finest ingredients, including organic potting soil and compost! See our blooming plants and exotic indoor green plants below!
DISCLAIMER - Photos are representations of possible combinations. Your purchase may differ due to seasonal and availability restrictions.

Spring mixed planter gardens with tulips & bird's nest


Sweet bowl of spring's best plants.* Designer's choice of plants & container.  Shown here on left is a winter assortment: grape hyacinth, cineraria, tulips, maidenhair fern. Shown here below right is a spring assortment: campanula, ivy and maidenhair fern. Plants are typically outdoor plants that are meant to be kept indoors for a couple of weeks before being planted.

Great gift for Mother's day or Easter or just during the spring rainy season to cheer up the home before more time can be spent outdoors!

Spring Mix Planter Garden with Birds Nest

Deluxe Indoor Orchid Planter Garden

Deluxe indoor orchid planter garden


A mix of exotic green and blooming indoor plants that sit pretty together in a complimenting pot. Example here.

Plants and container are all designer's choice and will vary.

Shown here: staghorn fern, moth mini orchid, money tree and arrowhead plants.*

Spring  bulb planter medium


Sweet spring color pot for enjoyment indoors temporarily and then planted or moved outside for longevity. Bulbs will multiply through the years and ivy is a symbol of an everlasting strength and bond.

Ruffle Rim Spring Bulb Planter Medium Live Outdoor Plants

Succulent Garden Small

Succulent garden

$49 (size shown) & Up

Living succulent plants and cactus growing in a small ceramic pot with decorative accents.  One of the easiest planter gardens you can grow outdoors.  Clean contemporary lines and feel.  Perfect choice for a co-worker and easy to transport home after work. Items will vary. We custom create these every week.

Planter basket sweet spring mix


Sweet  spring selection of outdoor and indoor plants for any occasion. Brighten up an indoor space, or patio table with plants that can be grown outdoors in the shady ground after they outgrow the basket.

Selection of plants and container varies and seasonal plants will be chosen by the designer.

Planter Basket Spring Sweet mix

Prehistoric mud pot jade planter centerpiece


Organic earthy creation of outdoor living plants, dried and fresh floral accents in a large rustic mud pot.

Prehistoric Mud Pot Jade Planter
prehistoric mud pot jade planter

Small Planter Garden


A mix of green and blooming indoor plants that sit pretty together in a complimenting pot.  Examples below.

Plants and container are all designer's choice.

Small Planter Garden
small contemporary indoor planter garden

Tropical Dieffenbachia Plant in Ceramic Pot

Tropical Dieffenbachia in Ceramic Pot


Indoor living plant will thrive in a bright filtered lit room or office.  Wonderful choice for your special man.

Hydrangea Plants

Hydrangea Plants


Acid loving hydrangea plants make a wonderful gift of blossoms.  We'll dress your gift with a basket and bow to compliment the bloom color.

Hydrangeas will last a long time indoor before they can go out in the shade of the garden for years of enjoyment and flowers.

Hydrangea Plants

Anthurium Planter Garden


Gorgeous tropical pairing of blooming and green plants in a basket.*

Designer's choice of basket, green plants and plant bloom color.

Anthurium flowers are fun heart shaped flowers and make a great valentine or romance gift.

Anthurium Planter Garden

Jade Deluxe Bowl Planter Live Plants Garden

Jade deluxe bowl planter

$195 & Up

This unique creation will be the focal piece of your home or patio relaxation space.

Individual green and very colorful foliage plants are combined for a long lasting and showy display. Plants will vary.

Ridged topiary violet planter garden


A shabby chic planter combination of live plants and cut blooms as accents.

Nice size centerpiece for your mother's day dining table or spring event.

No two planters will be exact unless you order them at the same time.

Ridged Topiary Violet Planter Garden

Bromeliad Aralia Planter

Bromeliad aralia planter


Gorgeous bold color and a great valentine gift or office planter garden. 

Plants used here are aralia, bromeliad, ivy and sansevaria.*

Order in advance to request specific varieties or designer will choose complimentary plants and container from what is on hand and available.

Small Succulent Garden


A mix of outdoor living succulents in a gorgeous pot that will complement their colors and textures. Keep in mind we make these different every week and yours will vary. Example here.

Plants and container are all designer's choice.

Sweet office gift or small space planter.

small succulent garden for delivery

phalaenopsis orchid dressed with mini plants

Phalaenopsis orchid dressed with mini plants


Indoor bright light tropical mini foliage plants combine with a large blooming orchid in a picture perfect display.* Assortment of plants and container will vary.

Large planter garden


A mix of green and blooming indoor plants that sit pretty together in a complimenting pot. Example here.

Plants and container are all designer's choice.

Large Planter Garden

Striped bromeliad palm planter


Unique foliage plants in a decorative cachepot of designer's choice.

Order ahead if you desire the striped bromeliad which must be pre-ordered and is not always available. Solid foliage color bromeliads are usually readily available and may be substituted for the stripes.

Striped Bromeliad Palm Planter

Oval Indoor Planter Garden

Oval Bromeliad planter garden

$110 size shown
$89 smaller

Oval planter and designer's choice of long lasting foliage plants.*

Shown here are red/grey and white/green succulents and orange flowering tropical bromeliad as well as a green ZZ plant and succulent plant. Choice of oval metal container and assortment of plants will be made according to what is on hand.

Autumn Outdoor Mum Garden in Chocolate Terracotta


Let us pot and deliver the perfect fall planter to your family or friend. 

We choose the healthiest biggest blooming mum or similar autumn bloomer, and pot it with gorgeous foliage plants and a bow. Just tell us where to send one for you today.

Plant selection and container will vary.

Autumn Outdoor Mum Garden in Chocolate Terracotta

Green Plant Autumn Accents & Cattails

Green plant autumn accents & cattails


Lush green foliage plant in a ceramic pot with Autumn accents and cattails.*

Plant selection may vary. Order in advance for specific criteria.

Woodland planter box


Ferns of varying types, plus interesting little outdoor shade lovers in a wooden plant box. Plants may vary.*

Long lasting       Nice choice for man plant lovers! Rustic!

woodland planter box

Green Indoor Planter

Green indoor planter


All green easy care living plants in a simple and neutral container. Adorned with branches and a bow.

Great choice for an office setting

Beautiful Blooming Orchid Plants


Orchids are grown indoors and have exotic long lasting flowers. Our potted orchid plants are adorned with branches and come in a premium cachepot (designer's choice). Our orchids will thrive in your home or office with minimal care and medium light. With proper care, these orchid plants will become larger and rebloom annually. For specific color requests, please order in advance. Romantic valentine gift option! Available in many colors. Order any exotic color: orange, burgundy, pink, lime green. Oncidium orchid plants, Pansy face orchid plants and dendrobiums too.

Beautiful Blooming Orchid Plants

Beautiful Blooming Orchid Plants

Double Azalea with Hearts

Azalea with hearts


Tons of azalea blossoms envelop this beautiful flowering plant. We put it in a nice basket and tie a pair of our hand sewn h e a r t s  o f  l o v e right up front. Handmade hearts by local artist Wenda Swenson. Other colors available.

Sun Patio Mix


Send these colorful potted plants and they will definitely be enjoyed through the seasons. This is a mixed patio combination of florist choice plants.*

Pretty textures and patterns of plants. Can also be created for shady outdoor locations.

outdoor blooming garden

Indoor Potted Plant Combos

Indoor potted plant combos

$63 and up
$95 (shown)

Showy assortment of colorful foliage plants* with a variety of textures sure to please. Drought tolerant indoor easy care green plants in an indoor container- all designer's choice. We can add Christmas ornaments for an additional $6 to make this a wonderful living holiday gift.

10" Green Houseplant


Robust healthy green houseplant in a basket. Selection will vary.

Plant shown is a split leaf philodendron and must have bright light and a post to climb.

Green Plant Philodendron

Sunny Garden Bougainvillea Vine

Sunny Garden Bougainvillea Vine


A lively mix of sunny potted garden plants in a heavy duty pot.

Bougainvillea, 'Tinkerbell' Agapanthus, Begonia and Vinca shown here. Selection will vary and plants are chosen by our florist for a beautiful effect.

Wrapped with lots of silky satin wired ribbon. Blooms last!

Beautiful Blooming Orchid Plants


Orchids are grown indoors and have exotic long lasting flowers. Our potted orchid plants are adorned with branches and come in a premium cachepot (designer's choice). Our orchids will thrive in your home or office with minimal care and medium light. With proper care, these orchid plants will become larger and rebloom annually. For specific color requests, please order in advance. Romantic valentine gift option! Available in many colors & styles. We have exotic tall orange Oncidium and burgundy too!

Large Phalaenopsis Pink Tones Orchid

Large Phalaenopsis Pink Tones Orchid

Fragrant Narcissus Paperwhites

Fragrant narcissus paperwhites


A sweet heady perfume is packed into the delicate white clustered blossoms of the Narcissus plant. This blooming bulb plant comes in a premium pot, designer's choice.

Narcissus is a bulb plant, which will multiply in the garden!

Christmas cactus

$65   6" plant
$85 8" plant (size shown)

Prolific Christmas cactus blooming plants come in many fun holiday shades: red, fuchsia, coral, magenta and white.

We will pot your gift and decorate it with mini ornaments and a big festive bow.

Order early for best selection of colors. Color and container will vary.

Christmas Cactus

Tropical Orchid Plant Combo Medium

Tropical orchid plant combo medium


A stunning exotic plant combination that will do well in an office or home with just a little care and not much water.

Very easy to maintain.

We put a 4" blooming orchid in a decorative cachepot with other complimenting plants and dress it up with a premium bow.

Lush green houseplants


A large pot full of healthy green long lasting plants and a blooming plant and bow.

Our plant gardens are made with care and will outlast other florists' planters. We feed and shine our plants and plant them only with other plants that have similar light and moisture needs.

Lush Green Houseplants

Bold Color Arrowhead Potted Plant

Bold color Arrowhead potted plant


Easy care green indoor houseplant here! Our bronze / green foliage Arrowhead 6" plants are absolutely striking. We put them in a colorful pot and finish them off with a lovely large bow. Container may vary.*

Contemporary Stylized Plants


A modern potted plant adorned with branches and stones will brighten up your home or office. Plants come in many size and pot combinations.

Be sure to tell us what kind of light the plant will have so our florist can make a smart recommendation. (Plant shown: Split leaf philodendron)

Contemporary Stylized Plants

Green Plant in Fall Ceramic Cachepot

Green plant in fall ceramic cachepot


Lovely healthy green indoor foliage plant in a decorative cachepot with copper, orange and tan tones. This will surely be your favorite pot. We have dressed these plants with autumn bows and preserved fall leaves for added garnish.

Green Plant in Fall Ceramic Cachepot Closeup

Small Potted Houseplant


A nice indoor green plant will show your appreciation.

We select only the lushest hearty foliage plants and we feed them and plant them in premium potting soil so that they have the BEST start possible.

Let us deliver a 5" green plant to all of your favorite coworkers, teachers or friends.

Plant and container selection may vary*.

Small Potted Houseplant

Creative plant gardens for delivery to funerals/memorials, exotic plants for your home, long lasting plant combinations for your business. One time, semi-monthly or monthly plant delivery contracts available too. Our creativity and wide selection of lush healthy indoor and outdoor plants will amaze you.

*Seasonal selection may vary. When placing your order, please be advised that substitutions may be made whenever necessary.  Flower Fiesta will substitute the closest possible match for the arrangement you have chosen. Nearest color, style and botanical variety will be selected if anything must be substituted.

For more information on Flower Fiesta flower quality and selection, please refer to the middle section on the Home Page.

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