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Holiday Arrangements and Centerpieces

Winter Whites Centerpiece

If you found us, you must be searching for that unique winter holiday floral art piece.
Please order early for the best selection of winter holiday colors and flowers.
"How to Order Holiday Event Flowers" Article, See Below

Use Flower Fiesta for your holiday office party, corporate year-end event or in home gathering with family!  Happy Holidays!
Delivery on Christmas day available for an additional fee

DISCLAIMER - Photos are representations of possible combinations. Your purchase may differ due to seasonal and availability restrictions.

Dozen Understated White Roses

Winter Gift Mixed Snapdragon Cube


All the splendor of the holiday season: creamy hydrangea and snapdragons, berries, shiny ornaments and accents and Christmas greenery.*

A perfect holiday treat to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season!


Ilex berries and White Iris holiday

Ilex berries and
White Iris holiday


Plump red Ilex berry branches and stark white iris make for a nice contrast of holiday splendor.*

Lovely long lasting gift for Christmas.

Winter Wonderland Oblong Centerpiece with Branches

Winter Wonderland Oblong Centerpiece with Branches


Premium silver / blue accents and all white winter flowers create the perfect fantasy Winter Wonderland. We've added sparkling branches and evergreen foliage. Nice addition to your coffee table or credenza for the holiday party!

Holiday spray centerpiece with peonies

Holiday spray centerpiece with peonies


Gorgeous and lightly fragrant display for the holiday dining table. This centerpiece is interesting all the way around with noble fir, ginestra, peonies, ornaments, snapdragon, kale and nandina berries.*

Centerpiece Christmas

Centerpiece Christmas


Creamy dreamy hydrangea and football mums perched on top of a low dining table or mantle centerpiece make a splendid gift during Christmas.* We include ornaments and berries and Christmas greens.


Winter Stargazer bouquet

Winter Stargazer bouquet


Tall, full arrangement of prized and lightly fragrant Stargazer lilies, bells of Ireland, larkspur, hypericum berries, trachelium green mist and evergreen foliage make this a long lasting and striking display.*

Order early for best selection of holiday flowers.

Centerpiece white winter wonderland tulips

Centerpiece white winter wonderland tulips


Medium round and lovely centerpiece for your holiday dining table of up to 5 people.  We can INCREASE the size to fit a table of up to 12 upon request or CUSTOMIZE TO MATCH YOUR HOLIDAY COLOR SCHEME.

Here you see silver bells eucalyptus berries, white tulips, matsumoto asters, iris and genestra.

Order WELL in ADVANCE if you would like us to reserve specific colors (including white).

Winter tulip bay leaf display for holiday delivery

Winter tulip bay leaf centerpiece for holiday delivery


Lightly fragrant display of golden tulips and winter flowers with bay leaves and cedar.

Beautiful hostess gift. Festive decor for your next winter gathering.

Choose your tulip color when you order in advance.

How to Order Holiday Event Flowers

Plan as early as August
Ordering for your big year’s end soirée or holiday gathering should be Fun and Painless! Plan as early as August to get the best prices on your flowers. There are Deep Discounts available when you plan ahead, because Florists appreciate the advance notice. In addition to saving money, you will get More Individualized Attention from your Florist during the months of August-October than you will in the peak months of the holiday season.

Great News! You can Start even Before you Confirm THE DATE
You might think you need to have an Exact Date confirmed for your event BEFORE you order flowers. You would be Wrong! It is the Advance Notice that you give your Florist that helps your planning process remain effortless and fun, and you can begin this process without an Exact Date. Who knew?!

None of the details your Florist will need (see below) require an EXACT Date.

Pieces of the Puzzle
It is Okay to have only a few of these topics decided when you first sit down or talk to your Florist. As I pointed out at the very beginning of this article, it is the Advance Planning that will benefit you Most! It brings your price down. It gets you on the books, allows your Florist to schedule staffing, time off, inventory needs, as well as purchase hard goods on sale beforehand, etc.

A good Florist will keep you on task and gather all of the rest of the necessary pieces of the puzzle in time for your event.

Price is Your Guide
Price will be one of the Biggest Factors that guides you and your Florist. Price lets you know what is going to be available to you specifically – from varieties of flowers and whether you can have premium imports, to selection of containers. Without knowing your budget, you can waste a lot of time looking at items that may not work for you, and you may be disappointed if you have to downgrade your selections.

For example, if you set aside $95 per centerpiece, you might get a towering, full centerpiece of premium flowers and greens on a tall rental vase. For $45, a lush, low centerpiece of seasonal flowers and greens in either a simple glass or ceramic vase or even a disposable container. For $25, a glass bowl of floating flowers and candles or a very simple arrangement of greens and a few stems of flowers.

Theme & Style
Will you have a theme? This will help form your initial vision for floral arrangements and centerpieces. It will also keep you on track when you select particular varieties and containers. It need not be a resolute theme like “Red and White Ball”. It can be more general, such as ‘Rustic Charm’ or ‘Winter Wonderland’ for example.

Color & Season
Color & Season will be of utmost importance in the selection of the flower varieties and accents. While many greens are available year-round, some flowers, berries and seed pods are not. Greenhouse growers have made many items available even during their off season, which is great. And the cost of greenhouse flowers is not much more than the cost of seasonal flowers grown outdoors. There are locally grown flowers from outdoor growers and from greenhouse growers. The same goes for imports.

Select a color palate of at least three actual colors (not including a green) if you can. If your company colors are Blue and Yellow, then add a light yellow for a third color for example. Select a shade of green for your greenery (if using greenery).

Once color is decided, your Florist can offer options in those colors that are available during the time of year of your event. You will want to take into consideration the colors of the linens you are using and any other materials you may be placing on your tables such as favors or signage.

To Keep or To Give Away
Decide whether you’d like to give the floral centerpieces away after the event. They can go home with guests, or be auctioned off to guests, awarded, or even brought back and used for décor at your place of business.

If they are to be given away, then the containers and accents you select will need to be included in the cost of the centerpieces in full. They can still be handsome and affordable with enough planning (i.e. time to shop!).

If the flowers are to be kept in your business or home, or discarded after the event, then you have the option to rent more premium containers and accents from your Florist. You will be able to return those items (or have the Florist schedule a pick up for you) after the event. Be sure to read and comply with all Rental Guidelines to avoid unnecessary fees after your event.

winter long exotic centerpiece blue green

Winter long exotic centerpiece blue & green

Dramatic long low event centerpiece or for your holiday dinner table.  Let us know your colors in advance so we can customize for you.  Premium exotic flowers like orchids, bells of Ireland, anthurium and brazelia baubles.  

French Tulip Peony Arrangement with Ornaments

French Tulip Peony Arrangement with Ornaments


Glamorous display of premium flowers for the big winter holiday party.  We have included winter berries, golden champagne pop accents, French tulips, exquisite peonies and bright filler flowers.*

Yours can have the vase wrap and ornaments as shown or you can customize it to fit your party.

Order in advance for best selection and choice of flowers.


Hanukkah Arrangement

Hanukkah Arrangement


Beautiful cool shades of white and blue alongside ornaments for the holiday and winter greens in a royal blue gathering vase.

Order well in advance. Items may vary.

Roses Hydrangea Bowl Deluxe

Roses Hydrangea Bowl 


10 Premium large FULL HEADED red roses- your choice of color if you order early! 

Also included: a large creamy hydrangea, exotic Safari sunset jester, Misty, lily grass and willow.*

This is an exquisite combination of long lasting romantic flowers artfully arranged in a web of willow and a clear glass bowl.

Please order early for best selection of rose colors.


holiday small gift box centerpiece with branches

Holiday small gift box centerpiece with Twigs


Unique holiday centerpiece in an elegant silk paper box. Winter evergreens, red roses, and festive accents topped with twigs.  Sweet, non-traditional takealong item for your Christmas office party or white elephant gifting event.

Jewel tone winter celebration with peonies

Jewel tone winter celebration with peonies


Our most colorful perky display of formal holiday event flowers. Use this to decorate your foyer for the holidays or to dress up a corporate party.

The fragrance of winter pine and sweet tuberose flower and the glamour of these premium winter flowers makes a stunning impression surely everyone will agree.

Order ahead to get the best selection for your event. Here, we used hydrangea, peonies, tuberose, kale, anemone, lisianthus, astilbe, eucalyptus and pine.*

We will accent your design with Christmas ornaments if you like - designer's choice of style.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


rustic christmas tin pot flowers

Rustic Christmas tin pot flowers


We use roses and contrasting accent flowers and wintry greenery to make this a sweet and charming holiday assortment.*  
Lovely hostess gift.

Order ahead for best selection.

Holiday ornament arrangement

Winter fern and bulb arrangement


Tall bouquet of winter bulb flowers such as tulips daffodil and calla lilies as shown or similar flowers. Lush greenery and a rectangular vase with vase filler decor.

Christmas gold and creamy tuberoses

Christmas gold and creamy tuberoses


The fragrance of sweet tuberose and noble fir greenery will really lift you into the holidays. Shiny gold ornaments and lime green chrysanthemum flowers accent the beautiful ivory hydrangea.*

Please order well in advance. Tuberoses may need longer than a week advance order time.

Christmas event flowers with orchids gold branches and tulips

Lustrous Winter Magic Bouquet


Shimmering with the finest of holiday flowers, branches and accents. Premium assortment and a magnificent display. All flowers will vary. Order a MINIMUM of one full week ahead. If you want to specify colors order 10 days prior minimum.


christmas bird centerpiece with silver foliage

Christmas ornament centerpiece with silver foliage


This semi round arrangement of holiday greenery, berries, premium flowers and lilies will be long lasting so enjoy it as we lead into Christmas week while you gather around the table. Flowers and ornaments will vary. Order well in advance to request specific colors.

Holiday cheer bud vases

Holiday cheer
bud vases

$30 each OR
$25 each
when you order 8 or more

Send ALL your friends and coworkers a little holiday cheer. Our bud vases are always a hit at the office. And at just $25 each when you order 8 or more, they’re a sweet deal for you too. Vase and flowers are designer's choice.

Something Small for Winter

Something Small
for Winter


A small mixed arrangement of seasonal flowers and greenery. Designer's choice of flowers, colors and container. RED glass vase included during the month of December while supplies last!

winter talloberry white centerpiece

Winter talloberry white centerpiece


Rustic elegant and inspiring! This stunning all white / ivory centerpiece will make you stop and enjoy the moment this holiday.  Peaceful beautiful flowers, accent berries and simple greenery.  Assortment and container may vary.


Christmas cactus prolific blooming plants

Christmas cactus

$89 6" plant
$129 8" plant
(sizes shown)

Prolific Christmas cactus blooming plants come in many fun holiday shades: red, fuchsia, coral, magenta and white. We will pot your gift and decorate it with mini ornaments and a big festive bow. Order early for best selection of colors. Color and container will vary.

Christmas cactus prolific blooming plants

hanukkah winter floral


Hanukkah winter floral

Fragrant freesia* and winter greens create a festive feel paired with the best blue and white of the season.

Holidays and Parties are our Specialty at Flower Fiesta!

Let us do the work so that you can enjoy yourself. Planning for holiday guests and meals will be plenty for you to orchestrate, so order up some holiday pizazz from the pros.

If you want "the Works", schedule a free design consult with a representative of Flower Fiesta.  We will visit your home or business and make note of your style and colors.  We will come up with a cost analysis and illustrate what we can do to beautify your home or business.   Our 15 years' experience in Residential and Corporate Floral Design has taught us to use creative, innovative ideas to show off your personal style and personality.

For Christmas, we come to your home or business, measure banisters for garlanding and can perform a complete installation. If you love your own ornaments and decorations, but want help with them or just want to make a few additions to what you already own, we can put up your decor with added flair.  Every year, we expand and renew our holiday ornament resources.

If you are ready to begin your holiday selection process, please contact the Holiday Specialists at Flower Fiesta.

Send a unique bouquet of winter flowers for the holidays. Creative holiday table centerpieces for delivery. Winter event designs; Exquisite Christmas and Hanukkah centerpieces and mixed arrangements.

*Seasonal selection may vary. When placing your order, please be advised that substitutions may be made whenever necessary.  Flower Fiesta will substitute the closest possible match for the arrangement you have chosen. Nearest color, style and botanical variety will be selected if anything must be substituted.

For more information on Flower Fiesta flower quality and selection, please refer to the middle section on the Home Page.

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