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Catalog Designs Require 1-3 Week Advance Notice
We will substitute with what we have in stock with less notice, so please plan ahead!

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Online Ordering Available but keep in mind Photos are simply version of PAST Designs, not exact representations of what we offer daily.

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Vibrant, unique flower bouquets & Daily floral delivery service

 We are a full service custom design florist, which means you can choose from our website or simply phone us with your list of your favorite flowers! 

Always order ahead for best selection of flowers.
Our selection of spring and seasonal mixed bouquets include an interesting assortment, not your standard everyday mix. We include the best of the season, which changes from week to week!

DISCLAIMER - Photos are representations of possible combinations. Your purchase may differ due to seasonal and availability.

small chocolate sunflower mix

Discounted Delivery on Early phone orders to Rancho Cordova, Mather, Rancho Murieta and Gold River

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Lily Spring Mix in Recycled Glass Vase

Lily Tall spring mix


Tall glass vase holds a winter / spring assortment. Selection will vary. Elegant botanical design. Can be recreated more or less at any time of year however we do not recommend tulips when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.

Wood Box Rustic Flowers

Wood box rustic flowers


Masculine fun and festive wooden box of flowers for a birthday or Father's day. Deep rich colors in a rustic container.

Nice choice for the Man in your Life!

Blues and whites California wildflower mix


Assortment will vary. Blue and white locally grown California flowers. Best to order in summer, late spring. Be sure to provide PLENTY of notice if you want these colors as there are a scarce number of flowers that come in blue. Lovely choice for a Birthday or Mother's day.

Blues and Whites California Wildflower Mix

Spring Mix Dahlia Vase Small

Small spring mix Dahlia and locally grown California flowers 


Lovely gift for valentine's day OR just because; this sweet mix of pink spring flowers includes an assortment of locally grown California farm flowers and greenery.

Flowers may vary; Always order about 2 weeks early when you desire something SPECIFIC for delivery.

Small spring mix with daffodil


Our small vased arrangement with the best of spring's bounty.* Selection and colors will vary. Shown here are sky blue bella donna, alstromaria, peach lilies, green button mums, geum and the lovely little sign of spring itself, THE DAFFODIL!

Daffodil are ONLY available a short while in winter / spring

Small Spring Mix With Daffodil

Big full and beautiful bouquet rose bouquet for $100

Big Full and Beautiful


Assortment will vary and will include some roses and large blooms. Colors will vary. When you order at least a week in advance we can match colors and flowers more closely but will always substitute if needed.

medium peony spring mix


Lighthearted spring mixed bouquet to include 2 peonies and some wildflowers and premium import flowers. Peonies are a Special Order flower and usually require that you order a week ahead. Often they are grown locally but other times of year they are imported from other countries. 

medium peony spring mix

Spring Mix Lillies in Full Bloom Bouquet

Spring mix lilies in full bloom


A blue, buttercream and white mix of flowers (designer's choice) to include fragrant & spring bulb flower choices such as the genestra and iris shown here.*

For floral delivery on Valentine's week, request the valentine color assortment!

Pastel mixed spring flowers small


Soft colors and a variety of spring flowers to lighten up this Mother's Day. A carefree happy combination including greens and filler flowers in a small clear glass vase. Designer's choice of seasonal flowers.

May cost $5 more during holiday weeks such as Mother's day and Valentine's day

Pastel mixed spring flowers small

Sweet Box of Blooms

$62 small shown
($92 larger size available)

Whimsical variety of flowers for any occasion. A small, pleasing combination including greens and filler flowers in a small handmade paper box. Designer's choice of seasonal flowers.

Customize your colors for an additional fee.

sweet box of blooms

Harbinger of spring, Lilac bouquet

Harbinger of spring, Lilac bouquet


Lilac is only available for a short while in spring. Order about a week out.  We will use something in its place when not available.

Colors and flowers may vary. Send this elegant medium size bouquet of premium flowers for a Birthday.

English garden spring flowers, with callas and Peonies


An amazing full flower arrangement with a gorgeous bow and quality vase for Mother's day; Premium spring assortment of English cottage flowers; We will use pastel colors and only the freshest flowers. Shown here: larkspur, peonies, calla lilies, veronica and lisianthes.

If you want the best for your bouquet order ahead for the widest

Beautiful at Mother's Day!

Large Deluxe Bouquet for Mom with Peonies

Spring Mix with Viburnum Snowball Bouquet

Spring mix with viburnum snowball


Lovely display packed full with spring's seasonal mixed flowers.  There is quite an assortment of pretty spring flowers here, to include green viburnum snowball when you order well in advance, Other flowers will vary.

Paprika Protea Pre-Autumn Mix


Rustic Metal Vase of tawny paprika and burgundy flowers, protea, premium Ring of Fire Sunflowers and early autumn favorites.* Subject to availability. Long Lasting!

Because every arrangement is made fresh to order, you will always receive a custom one-of-a-kind creation at Flower Fiesta full service florist.

Paprika Protea Pre-Autumn Mix

Mother's Day Botanical Mix

Botanical mixed flowers


Lovely mix of seasonal flowers* arranged in a natural botanical style with soft and delicate filler flowers. Shown here are lilies, transformer, bells of Ireland, liatris, larkspur, solidago, godetia and Sahara roses.

Local mixed tulip willow bowl with Fringe or Parrot tulips

$109 - see medium and large sizes below

An assortment of 15 locally grown spring tulips arranged with greenery and premium accent flowers in a glass bubble vase woven with willow branches. Sweet anniversary gift! For more romantic bouquets, see our Roses page

local mixed tulip willow bowl

Large deluxe tulip bowl with willow branches

large deluxe tulip willow bowl

$136 See small size above

Approximately 20 locally grown spring tulips arranged in a large 8" bubble bowl vase with filler flowers and curly willow branches. Colors may vary.

Call well in advance to request specific colors.

The bowl is full of winding willow branches to bring the interest all the way down to the bottom of this striking display.

Our most popular Mother's day bouquet so ORDER EARLY as we may sell out of tulips early

Beautiful anniversary flowers

Local tulips bowl with Curly willow branches

$109 - see additional styles and large sizes above

An assortment of 15 locally grown spring tulips arranged with greenery and premium accent flowers in a glass bubble vase woven with willow branches. Also incorporates some whimsical curly willow Branches throughout. Sweet anniversary gift! For more romantic bouquets, see our Roses page

No tulips when temperature exceed 90 degrees.

local tulips bowl with curly willow branches

medium mixed spring bouquet pastels

Medium mixed spring flowers with kale and pastels


Springtime and perfect for Easter this pastel beauty is tall and festive. Pastel spring flowers will vary. 

Helebore Botanical Mix

For the savvy flower afficianado, some pretty plum helebore and an array of unique flowers. Helebore is not always in season and must be ordered at least a week ahead when it is in season. Flowers and colors may vary.

Helebore botanical mixed bouquet with Bells of Ireland

Cheerful Mix with Dragonfly

Cheerful mix with dragonfly

Simple vase of gerbera daisies and seasonal mixed flowers.

Color coordinating bug or dragonfly decor.

Other colors available and may be selected on short notice.

Beautiful flower choice for a daughter's birthday.

Oriental Lilies in Pink


Fragrant luscious lilies in combination with pretty feminine flowers suitable for a special anniversary. Selection will vary by season.

Premium imported flowers from around the world make this a stunning and interesting design.

Oriental Pink Lilies

Low Pollen Mix

Low Pollen Mix


 For flower lovers who have allergies to most flowers, you will certainly appreciate these low pollen beauties. Assortment and Color Will Vary by season.*

Spring Centerpiece with Fringe Tulips


Spring mixed bouquet in a round centerpiece design. Perfect for Easter!

Pastel bouncy spring color and many of spring's harbingers such as lillies and parrot fringe tulips.

easter centerpiece fringe tulips

Flower Fiesta clients all receive photos
All Flower Fiesta Clients Receive PHOTOS

You need not WONDER if your flowers arrived or what they looked like.

We Email Photos of your purchase and a Delivery confirmation. 

Rest assured you will receive full dollar value and your order will be properly handled by your Rancho Cordova and Rancho Murieta florist. 

Rustic wooden box

$173 medium 

Other sizes available

An assortment of local grown flowers plus unique accent flowers you won't find anywhere else arranged  in a pretty wooden box wrapped with linen ribbon and twine. Selection and colors will vary with each season.  

Rustic Wooden Box for Mother's Day

Large bouquet with spring viburnum and anemone


Lisianthes and larkspur come in rich shades of purple*.  We combine them with snowball green viburnum and Premium spring flowers and accents in a big luscious bouquet.  USUALLY the Viburnum is only available early spring. Flowers will vary as we get fresh items in throughout the week. Order in advance to secure specific items.  

Large Bouquet With Spring Viburnum And Anemone

Fall Flowers

Autumn Mix with Lilies and Kiwi Branches

Autumn mix with lilies and kiwi branches


Gorgeous premium Royal lilies, branches and vines will lift your spirits.  A similar style bouquet can be designed in springtime.  Items will vary.

Small daisy mix fall bouquet


Rich color for fall. Some roses and lovely autumn flowers in a nice contrast of color. Light accent of branches.  Flowers and colors will vary. 

small daisy mix fall bouquet

Autumn mix with Antiqued Hydrangea


Order well in advance for antiqued hydrangea. The colors vary greatly. Soft fall colors and accents will vary each week.

Autumn Mix With Antiqued Hydrangea

fall exotic mix with coxcomb

Fall Exotic Mix with Coxcomb


Assortment will vary weekly. Be sure to order a full week ahead for closest match to photo. This mix will include an all premium mix of the season's best flowers such as these dahlia, protea, amarananth and coxcomb.*

Birthday Bouquets

Birthday bright bouquet small cylinder

Selection will vary depending on the season. Bright mix of fun birthday best flowers in a simple glass cylinder vase.

Birthday Bright Bouquet Small Cylinder

summer sweet centerpiece

Summer sweet centerpiece


Assorted summer flowers and roses in playful color combinations.  Assortment and colors will vary.

Summer mixed birthday bouquet


Let us deliver a bright and colorful birthday bouquet to celebrate your loved one, coworker or to honor your favorite vendors and staff.

Want to send something EVERY YEAR?

Let us remind you via EMAIL so that you can decide if Flowers, Plants or a Nice Gift Basket will work for you that year.

We will keep your birthday and anniversary dates on OUR CALENDAR and send you a nice reminder every year!

Selection will vary from day to day, so order in advance for special requests.

Summer Mixed Birthday Bouquet

High End Premium Flower Arrangements

High end means you want only the most exquisite, rare, and seasonal flowers.  French tulips, lilac, peonies, amaryllis, and lily-of-the-valley are all examples of high end premium flowers.

Unique gerber daisies and echinops cube


Contemporary cube design. Pure white snapdragons, echinop thistles, deep purple hydrangea and a double gerber daisy combined with seasonal flowers.* Substitutions will be made depending on season and availability. 

Great choice for your Anniversary bouquet.

Cube Design Red Double Gerber Daisies and Echinops

Daisy tulip gerber mix medium cylinder

Daisy tulip freesia mix medium cylinder


Striking combination of tulips and moon series eggplant color carnations, gerber daisies and double freesia* for a bold look. This is quite an assortment of punchy color in a clear cylinder vase. 

Euro Freesia Bouquet

Euro Freesia Bouquet


A European designed bouquet of high end flowers and greenery.* Colors will vary.

Please order in advance so we can make this really special for you.

Slightly fragrant flowers

Summery Daisy Peony Bouquet


This exquisite small bouquet is so pleasing to the eye with unique accent flowers and a gorgeous palettte. A single peony included when you order well in advance and at the proper season. Accent flowers, container and color may vary.

Order ahead as we cannot always get peonies at the last minute! 

Beautiful choice for 1st anniversary flowers

Smallest peony bouquet

Natural Romance Bouquet of Roses and Dahlia

Natural romance bouquet of roses and dahlia


Medium tall, elegant snapdragon, pom mums, roses, spray roses and dahlia combine in a very soft textured romantic bouquet.*

For the one in your life who holds your heart dear.

Elegant contemporary organic spring bouquet

Exquisite choice for anniversary flowers

100 Tulips in a Vase


Perfect for an anniversary or pre-engagement gift.

A favorite of many, the tulip is presented in a lavish display with premium vase.  Minimal greenery so as not to distract from the main event!

100 tulips in a vase

Spray Rose Mixed Spring Bouquet


Depth of color and texture and a playful combination of springy soft flowers. Each creation at Flower Fiesta is one-of-a-kind so items and colors may vary. Here we have Scabiosa, Feverfew, snapdragon, gerber daisy, hydrangea and spray roses. Fun!

Nice selection for a Get well, a Cheer up, or Just Because.

Spray Rose Mixed Spring Bouquet

Small Mix Dahlias and Monkey Tails

Dahlias and monkey tails


Creamy whites and chocolate accents keep it elegant and simple enough for any occasion.  Great on the guestbook table at a wedding or on an end table in your living room. Dahlias and monkey tails are premium flowers and must be ordered in advance. These flowers are at their peak in summer.

spring daisies and boronia

Spring daisies and boronia


Winter /spring mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers and gerber daisies.  Shown here is a hot pink Boronia flower which is fragrant but only in season for a short duration and may not be available. Colors may vary. Be sure to order in advance. Premium filler flowers and greenery. Nicely arranged in a spray for maximum use of space.

Lovely flowers in spring often available at Women's Day and Administrative Professionals Day

Elegant and tall with forsythia blossoming branches


If you like an elegant & simple vase full of premium flowers ~ we have one for you! Plump baby blue hydrangea, fresh long lasting lilies and alstromaria, football mums, iris and spring's first blooming branches - forsyhia.*

Order ahead for specific colors or flower choices otherwise selection may vary.

This is a particularly long lasting assortment and well worth the money for any occasion.

Elegant and Tall Forsythia Blossoming Branches

Small Stargazer Lily Mix

Small Stargazer lily mix


One stargazer lily and some companion flowers in a small vase.

Excellent choice for a birthday or to cheer someone.

Large bold mixed bouquet


A tall bold mixed flower bouquet. Striking rich colors against softer shades have lots of visual impact. Open blooms and budded flowers assure a lasting display. Shown here delphinium, iris, snapdragon and roses*.  Items and colors will vary weekly.

For Rancho Cordova flowers, set Flower Fiesta on Speed dial! 916-225-2623

Large bold mixed bouquet

small chocolate sunflower mix

Small Chocolate Sunflower Mix


Cheerful summer flowers including chocolate sunflowers if in season and ordered at least a week in advance.* Assortment will vary. Late spring or summertime beauty.

Light Palette Bouquet


Tall softly colored bouquet. Colors may vary.  To include roses and an assortment of premium and seasonal flowers.  We can customize this smaller or larger to suit your needs.

Lovely thank you gift or uplifting gesture.

Light Palette Bouquet

Modern Lily Cube with Spray Roses

Modern lily cube with spray roses


Sweet spring flowers in a modern clear glass cube vase.  Shown here: royal lilies, spray roses, pom pon mums, fennel and corn plant leaf at base.*

Wonderful where there isn't a lot of space such as an office cubicle or on a 60" dining table as an event centerpiece

Medium high contrast rose bouquet


A gorgeous mixed arrangement with contrasting colors. Color and flower varieties are designer's choice with a touch of each season as we watch the changes all around.

Will include a few roses.

Medium High Contrast Rose Bouquet

butterfly ranunculus large bouquet

Butterfly ranunculus large bouquet


Soft palette and some springy seasonal flowers with a few highly prized butterfly ranunculus and tulips. Colors and varieties may vary.

Spring basket spray


Premium assortment of spring's freshest and most playful flowers. Other seasonal flowers may vary.

Included here: sky blue bella donna, tritoma pokers, alstromaria, peach gerbera, and cottage yarrow.*

Looking for sympathy flowers. See our Funeral & Memorial page.

Summer Basket Spray

Unique Unusual Rich Colorful Mixed Bouquet

Unique Unusual Rich colorful mixed bouquet


Desirable unusual flowers that you just won't see anywhere else. A medium sized richly colored bouquet - colors and assortment will vary. If you have a special color in mind, be sure to put that in the Special Requests section and Order at least one week prior to delivery!

Dahlia spring mix


Smaller size spring mixed bouquet full of premium flowers. A very romantic choice for:

ANNIVERSARY flowers a week before The Big Day ~ these lovely spring flowers will surely stir up wedding day memories!

Shown here are premium wine colored dahlia with calla lilies and fringe tuliips* - available at various times of year but colors or variety of flowers may need to be substituted

dahlia spring mix

Lets Brighten Things Up bouquet

Lets Brighten Things Up bouquet


It feels good to send a treasured friend or a valued employee a happy little pick-me-up when times get tough.  Large or small, Flower Fiesta will put loving care into your flower arrangement. This is a small mixed bouquet but packed with joy and delight.

Assortment and colors will vary.

Great choice for a Get Well Bouquet or I'm Here for You Bouquet!

Botanical mix Medium with Anthurium in Tin


Flowers from around the world combined with local favorites make this arrangement as captivating as an Old World painting. We have put this lively arrangement in a natural ridged metal pot for an added touch of rustic casual cool.

Items will vary.

Botanical mix Medium with Anthurium in Tin

Botanical Pastel Local Flowers

Botanical pastel local flowers


Count the blooms! This bouquet is packed tight and full of interesting local California flowers. Assortment and pastel shades will vary.

Order ahead for color choices. Similar floral design available for Mother's day.

Punchy color bouquet


Vibrant  colorful flowers, perfect as a pick-me-up or Birthday bouquet

Focal and Accent flowers will vary; accents shown here are tansy yarrow and gomphrena clover.*

Fun summer color usually available in spring too

punchy color bouquet

Winter Kale Arrangement

Winter kale arrangement


Here is what you order in mid winter when you're still enjoying the clean look of an all white bouquet. Kale, calla lilies and stunning white flowers.  Assortment may vary.

Winter stargazer bouquet


Winter white flowers berries and fragrant stargazer lilies make a big impression with this pretty snowflake bow.

Order ahead if you want to send this during the holidays


Winter Stargazer Bouquet

olive centerpiece pinks and whites

Olive centerpiece in pinks and whites


Flowers all the way around in a centerpiece design for a living room coffee table or dining table for 6.  Medium size bowl of flowers. Premium assortment will vary. Natural artistic freshly gathered look perfect for an anniversary or even a wedding centerpiece.

Something Small

Vintage Bud Vase Of Blue Flowers

Vintage Bud Vase


Vintage style flowers and small vase holds just a small handful of stems. Colors and items will vary. This is our smallest arrangement of flowers. Sweet on a nightstand or in a small cubicle office space or dorm.

orchid rose cube color pop


This hot colored cube includes roses and cymbidium orchids along with some of the most cheerful flowers of the season.  Call a week ahead to order this arrangement, as with most items in our catalog shown here.

Container and color may vary

orchid rose cube color pop

Modern tulip design

Modern tulip design


French and multicolor tulips make this modern display very special.  Order a couple of weeks early in winter or spring for best chance at receiving this rare tulips.  Combined with unique greenery and seasonal flowers in a tall streamlined design.

Small Summer Sunflower Bouquet with Butterflies

Small summer sunflower bouquet with butterflies


Little dash of sunshine and butterflies to cheer you up.  These flowers are typically available around summer but  may be available at other times of year and will be substituted as needed.

Small mixed bouquet


Flowers and colors will vary. Perfect gift for a thank you, birthday or to cheer someone right up!

Order any day and we will use the product on hand!

Small Mixed Bouquet

Unique Custom Floral Designs

This is what you want if you have particular favorites in mind. When you order in advance, we can track down your favorite flowers and colors or incorporate a special theme.

Mixed Colorful Vase with Lime Green

Mixed colorful vase with lime green


These are flowers you just don't see enough of! But Flower Fiesta can get them for you: Double red gerber daisies, safari sunset exotic protea, periwinkle echinops thistles, lime chartreuse green gladiola and spider mums, mauve chelone turtle flowers, moon series mini carnations and purple locally grown hydrangea.*

What a glowing and whimsical mixed color arrangement to enjoy on a summer day!

Large Bouquet with Seashells


Ocean bound? Do you celebrate your anniversary gazing at the waves? This tall arrangement has seashells placed throughout. These premium flowers make a great gift for your anniversary or any time of year.*

Flowers  will vary. Order in advance!

Large Bouquet with Seashells

Send a unique bouquet of premium flowers, tropical flowers or red roses. Creative funeral and memorial tributes; exotic centerpieces and exquisite spring mixed arrangements.

*Seasonal selection may vary. When placing your order, please be advised that substitutions may be made whenever necessary.  Flower Fiesta will substitute the closest possible match for the arrangement you have chosen. Nearest color, style and botanical variety will be selected if anything must be substituted.

For more information on Flower Fiesta flower quality and selection, please refer to the middle section on the Home Page.

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